And His Story Be9ins… A9ain.

A kin9 lookin9 for kin9dom. = The best way I can describe myself today.

Somewhere within the past couple of years, I lost myself completely and no I can’t help that it sounds so dramatic. So it does.

I wonder if there are people who are swimmin9 throu9h the same thin9s as me. (I’m only vaguely sure.)

I also wonder if I actually know anyone who is. (It’d be a shame if I do. Are they even connected to me?)

I did this once before; re9rettably I stopped..

I want to share my every life experience, thou9ht, dream, ni9htmare and feelin9 with this blo9. My lon9 lost journal. My new found journeys. In hopes to not only find myself a9ain, I hope to also attract a population alike. Whether we share the same taste in content, skin color, innermost thou9hts or even if the only thin9 we share is a bi9 difference..

I welcome all new friends.

I invite any one help me let go and regain again.

10 / 1 / 2014: I have nothing at all to hide from the world and when I leave it, no one will have a question about my existence. That being because it’s all here, I promise you.